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Reptiles. Five reptile species have been found on the territory of the reserve: Sand lizard (Lacerta agilis), Viviparous lizard (L. vivipara), Anguine lizard (Anguis fragilis), Grass-snake (Natrix natrix) and Adder (Vipera berus). The two first species are distinctly dominant.

Lacerta agilis. Grown-up individuals have 58 - 92 mm long body, weight 8 - 25 g. Inhabit mainly well-sunlit and warmed places. Numbers from 10 to 100 individuals per hectare, sometimes up to 500.


Lacerta vivipara. Usually smaller than L. agilis. Body length 45 - 65 mm, weight 2-7 g. More frequently occurs in bogs, river and lake flood-lands, swamped places, in damp wood clearing and edges. Numbers 5 - 200 individuals per hectare.

Anguis fragilis. Body length 170 - 250 mm, weight 15 - 30 g. Inhabits different forest biotopes. Numbers up to 10 individuals per hectare.

Natrix natrix. Reaches 500 - 1000 mm length, 80 - 300 g weight. Occurs in damp forests, along river and lake banks. Numbers from 2-5 to 100 individuals per hectare.

Vipera berus. Body length 350 - 600 mm, weight 50 - 120 g. Occurs in bogs, forest highland places, borderinf with swamped plots. Numbers from 1-2 to 15 individuals per hectare.

Bookmark: #FishFish. 34 fish species have been recorded in the Reserve. They belong to 28 genera and 9 families, 32 species aboriginal. Domesticated carp Cyprinus carpio sometimes occurs in water-bodies where it migrates from pond farms. Goldfish Carassius auratus also can be found there. It was acclimatized in Belarus in 1948.

The ichthyfauna is the most wide-spread in the Berezina river - 33 species, in Lake Palik - 30 and considerably less numerous in running lakes such as Olshitsa - 17, Plavno - 16, Manets and Domzheritskoye - 15 species.

Pike Esox lucius, roach Rutilus rutilus, ide Leuciscus idus, redeye Scardinius erythrophthalmus, carpbream Abramis brama, perch Perca fluviatilis and ruff Acerina cernua are the most abundant fish species in the water-bodies of the Reserve.

Tench Tinca tinca, verkhovka Leucaspius delineatus, silver bream Blicca bjoerkna, zope Abramis ballerus, crucian carp Carassius carassius, groundling Nemachilus barbatulus and loach Misgurnus fossilis are common for every large water-body of the Reserve.

Nase Chondrostoma nasus, bitterling Rhodeus sericeus amarus, carp Cyprinus carpio, catfish Silurus glanis, goldfish Carassius auratus, pope Gymnocephalus acerina, monkey goby Neogobius fluviatilis, common minnow Phoxinus phoxinus, stone eel Lampetra mariae, sabrefish Pelecus cultratus sometimes occur.