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Day trips to the wild nature of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve (from March to September 2017)

Unique remains of untouched nature are still preserved in Belarus, and one of them is the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. We are glad to present to your attention fascinating excursions, where we will show the most interesting moments in the life of nature.

You will see something that has never been seen, we will tell you about something that you did not know about!

Pricelist for thematic excursions (download)

Only in the period from March to September 2018 - n the year you can become witnesses of wonderful and amazing events taking place in the nature reserve:

- to see how the beautiful orchid Venerin blooms, what colors the picturesque floodplain meadow flows, what birds come to us in the spring;

- hear glowing nightingale trills, deafening chorus of frogs;

- to observe wild animals - an osprey, a badger and a beaver;

- enjoy the fluttering flight of butterflies and dragonflies, aromas of flowers and fragrant herbs;

- touch the mysterious world of swamps, forests and meadows of the Berezinsky Reserve;

and much more ...

To record on the tour, you need to do the following:

- send a message to the email in advance;
- make a note in the subject line "Excursions to nature";
-in the message indicate: Name, number of people (groups can be prefabricated), date and name of the excursion, contact phone for communication.

The excursion is recorded by the number: +3752132 26313 ( Museum of Nature).