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The rope park "Forest Fun" was created in the administrative center of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve in the village of Domzheritsy, 3 km from the M3 motorway.

The park is a complex of specially equipped suspension bridges, rope crossings in a pine forest at an altitude of 4-6 meters, which are connected in a single route. The route with an increasing level of difficulty includes 17 stages.

The route is divided into two parts: “Little Dipper” (until the 10th stage) and “Big Dipper” (full path). At the 10th stage, visitors to the park have the opportunity to retire or continue the route.

In the vicinity are the Serguch Hotel, the Museum of Nature, the House of Environmental Education, the Forest Zoo and the ecological forest trail.

Prior to the passage of the route, visitors are instructed and sign for compliance with safety regulations.

The cost of the “Big Dipper” track is 9.50 rubles, the “Little Dipper” is 7.50 rubles.

You can find out more information by phones +375 2132 26318 (tourism department), and +375 2132 26313 (Museum of Nature).

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