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We invite you to go fishing for a fee at the eco-tourist complex “Bereshche”, which is located on the shore of a picturesque lake outside the boundaries of the reserve, on the territory of the experimental forestry and hunting area “Barsuki”.

Lake Bereshcha is a place that attracts many fishermen. And for good reason, since it’s a rather important spawning ground for fish in the Lepel district.

Here you can catch bream, crucian carp, tench, silver bream, roach, ide, rudd, perch and ruff. The reservoir is stocked with a carp-like hybrid of carp and pike.

You can fish not only from the shore, but also from a rowing or motor boat, in accordance with the standards prescribed in the local fishing rules.


For accommodation on the shore of Lake Bereshcha there are 7 new modular houses, which can accommodate 2-3 people, as well as one 4-bed house.


Modular houses include 5 triple and 2 double houses.

There’s stove-heating in the house, some necessary furniture and light from LED lamps, which are issued upon check-in.

There’s no cooking equipment. The houses provide disposable tableware.

Dry toilet is on the territory of the ETC “Beresche”. There’s a water pump that can be used for technical purposes, but the guests must bring drinking water with them.


The 4-bed guest house has two bedrooms, a fireplace room and a kitchen equipped with a gas stove and cutlery.

A generator is provided to provide the house with light.

The wooden toilet is located outside.

There are a gazebo and fire pit.


Gangways were built on the territory for approaching the houses and the lake, and pontoons were installed along the shore for comfortable fishing.

For those who like to relax in the heart of nature, there’s a tourist parking area with places for setting up tents (barbecue facilities, skewers and tents are not provided).

Please note that fishing without a permit and parking vehicles closer than 30 m from the shoreline of the reservoir is prohibited! Violation leads to to administrative liability.


Before you go fishing here, you must purchase a fishing permit. Ticket prices are quite affordable.

You need to pay only 7 BYN per day, and for the guests who stay in the eco-tourist complex “Beresche”, hotel complexes “Plavno”, “Serguch” and in other guest houses of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, there’s a 50% discount.

The permit gives the right to catch no more than 5 kg of fish per day per angler.


You can purchase a permit for paid amateur fishing:

1) from the administrator at the hotel complex “Serguch” -
from 8.00 to 20.00 daily
contact phone: +37544 554 55 52 or +375 2132 3 77 30

2) in the EFHA “Barsuki” -
from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 17.00

contact phone: +375 2132 6 23 98

3) from the administrator at the hotel complex “Plavno” -
from 8.00 to 17.00 daily
contact phone: +37529 145 77 78 or +375 2132 6 15 84

4) from the administrator at ETC "Bereshche" -
from 8.00 to 17.00 daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Price-list for services of ETC “Bereshche”

Name of service Unit
 Price (BYN)
 Guest house “Bereshcha (2-bed) a house per day 50,00
Guest house “Bereshcha (3-bed)
a house per day 80,00
Guest house “Bereshcha (4-bed) house per day 90,00
 Camping placement  a day per person 6,50
Fishing permit *    a day per person 7,00


* A permit for amateur fishing is issued with a 50% discount for: 
 -   persons living within the boundaries of the EFHA "Barsuki" of the Lepel district, as well as the guests who stay in the eco-tourist complex “Beresche”, hotel complexes “Plavno”, “Serguch” and in other guest houses of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve.
 - participants of the World War II and those equal to them
 - disabled people (groups 1-2)
 - minors under 16 years of age.

You can book a guest house of ETC “Bereshche”

by phone:
+375 (2132) 37730, +375 (44) 5545552 (hotel complex “Serguch”)

or online via the link

Enjoy your stay!