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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Photo report from International Women's Day

The spring holiday tour dedicated to the International Women's Day took place

Last weekend, the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve hosted the “Thaw” tour, which gave each of its participants a festive atmosphere and a feeling of the approaching spring, despite the still cool weather.


One of the bonuses for those who come on such a tour has traditionally been early check-in at the Serguch hotel complex. At the beginning of their journey, the guests went to the ecotrail. Curious facts about nature, a snow-covered reserved forest, magnificent landscapes awaited the visitors of the excursion “Along the protected forest path”.


The protected forest is full of unrevealed mysteries and amazing discoveries: on the walking route, the vigilant participants of the excursion noticed numerous traces of the vital activity of deer, elks and other forest inhabitants. Also, a spectacular panorama of the swamp, the pride of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, opened from the observation tower, which is 10 meters high.



Also, a spectacular panorama of the swamp, the pride of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, opened from the observation tower, which is 10 meters high.


Then the tourists went on a special flooring to "get acquainted" with the swamp closer. However, this weekend the wooden decks leading to the swamp were hidden under a thick layer of snow, and it was possible to step on it only thanks to the guide of the reserve.


Right after the forest walk, the tourists went to the Forest Zoo, where the company of the cute female elk Nyusha, the male deer Vladimir, the brown bears Umka and Vasilisa, and other inhabitants of the forest and the pet zoo awaited.





Deer Vladimir appeared in front of his guests in a very interesting way − one-horned, since he had already thrown off one antler.


After all these exciting excursions, a festive dinner was planned in the evening with the participation of excellent artists, singers, musicians, including the famous virtuoso dulcimer player Anna Sharkovskaya, a participant of international competitions.



Delicious meals, a cheerful company and festive atmosphere in the restaurant of the "Serguch" hotel complex completed this wonderful day.

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The next morning began with sunny weather, and discovering the world of birds in the company of an experienced ornithologist of the reserve.




The new ornithological excursion "Nestings Trail" left a lot of unforgettable impressions, and it’s no surprise: after all, where else, if not in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, to observe the feathered inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus.



After a fascinating excursion, the participants of the "Thaw" tour went to create little birds with their own hands using the "origami" technique at an entertaining master class.




And, of course, everyone managed to create their own, unique "Bird of Happiness".



Even after the main program of the tour was completed, the guests did not plan to leave so quickly: many went on additional excursions to the museums of the reserve, someone walked through the zoo again, and someone even went on a horseback ride through the forest.

Obviously, thematic and holiday tours to the reserve are one of the best ways to spend your weekends. Even if your weekend is far from Saturday and Sunday, there are many tours that take place all year round and on any day, both on weekdays and weekends.

All information on tours and excursions in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is on our website or by phone:
Tourism Department:  8-021-32-3-77-18, +375 (33) 378032; Hotel complex "Serguch": 8-021-32-3-77-30