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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Wildlife of the Berezinsky Reserve on the pages of a new book

We present a fresh edition of this year, as well as book rarities about the reserve


On March 3, according to the decision of the UN General Assembly and in order to raise awareness about issues of wild fauna and flora, World Wildlife Day is celebrated. This day coincides with the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade of Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in 1973. Also today, March 3, is World Writer's Day. These two holidays served as a good occasion to present our latest book. Recently the book “The Enchanting World of Nature. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve” was published. Its authors are not writers at all, but the scientists of the reserve Anastasia Nikolaevna Ryzhkova and Denis Valerievich Ivkovich.


Like the previous similar book "Wonderful World of Nature", published two years ago, it was included in the "Belarusian Children's Encyclopedia" series, which is now published by the "Belarus" publishing house. The book describes biodiversity of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and includes 4 sections with 22 notes about animals, birds, plants and mushrooms, typical for the territory of the reserve. There are 112 pages of valuable information about the oldest protected area in Belarus. The book "The Enchanting World of Nature" will acquaint readers with well-known inhabitants of Belarusian forests, swamps and rivers, as well as with rarest representatives of our flora and fauna.


The book edition is aimed at the younger generation of readers − children of middle and senior school age. And for children's literature, it is especially important how it is designed. The contents of this hardcover book are beautifully illustrated with large, bright and colorful images of nature. Some of the pictures were taken with a drone. The edition is more like a photo album, because it contains more than 120 original photos! All of them were made exclusively on the territory of the Berezinsky Reserve. This popular science publication will allow you to take a journey into the wonderful world created by nature, telling about the representatives of the local flora and fauna.


You can already buy the book novelty on the website of the publishing house "Belarus", the bookstores "Belkniga" and "Academic book", or order through online bookstores: "" and "". It will also soon be available for purchase at the souvenir kiosk in the Museum of Nature, which is located in the administrative center of the reserve.


Besides, the National Library of Belarus hosts the exhibition "Pearls of Belarusian Nature". One of the 9 thematic sections of the exposition "Across Reserved Places. Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve" presents book rarities, photo albums, illustrated tourist booklets about the reserve. The exhibition and exposition will last until June 5.