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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Welcoming spring: the beginning of Shrovetide celebrations in the reserve!

From February 17 to March 12, the tour “Hey, Maslenitsa!" continues

Already this weekend, the guests of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve felt the taste of the holiday. And in the most literal sense: after all, everyone who came to the event was treated with pancakes and sweet honey with fragrant herbal tea. And all this outdoors!

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All participants of the tour were waiting not only for tea with pancakes, but also for an interesting animation program.



Funny contests, ringing songs, rhythmic dances, and, of course, burning a scarecrow!


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Such characters as Bolotnik Unusual, Spring, Winter, Wolf and Bear attracted everyone’s attention.



photo_2023-02-18_15-58-56 (2).jpg

However, the participants of the tour not only had fun and enjoyed themselves, they also visited two more interesting, exciting and informative excursions. Experienced guides in the Museum of Nature tell about the history of the reserve, its uniqueness, diversity of flora and fauna. But tourists could get to know the animals live in the "Forest Zoo" and "Pet Zoo". And not only to observe, but also to feed them: veggies and fruits can be purchased at the zoo's ticket window. Female elk Nyusha, male deer Vladimir and other animals often crave to “talk” with guests closer.



If you also want to feel the taste of the holiday and see how spring begins − come to us, to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve! The tour is available for both organized and individual tourists.

Pre-order is required, all information by phone:
8-021-32-37713, 8-021-32-37718, +375-33-378-03-23, or on our website