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On the shore of Domzheritskoye Lake there is a two-story guest house with the same name. It is conveniently located away from busy roads and settlements, which allows you to make your stay comfortable, no one will disturb you here.


Only here you can enjoy all the benefits that nature provides. Wind, water, kindled fire, fishing. Perch, pike, bream, roach, rudd, silver bream can be caught here.


An experienced fisherman will not be left without a catch. However, in order to go fishing on the lake, it is necessary to issue a permission for fishing from the administrator upon check-in and follow local rules of fishing.


The area near the house is well-organized, there is a summerhouse for good pastime, a fire pit and a pier where you can sit with a fishing rod or just sunbathe.

Photo by Denis Ivkovich


Nearby is a Russian sauna, where you can take a steam bath with a birch broom and relax.



This house is suitable for outdoor recreation with a company, as well as for fishermen and not picky tourists. But for couples with children, we offer accommodation in the Serguch Hotel or in more comfortable houses in the Nivki eco-tourist complex.


6 people can stay in the house at the same time. It has stove-heating, locally generated electricity, there’s no running water, but a column on the territory, the toilet is located outside. The house has two bedrooms, a dining room and a kitchen equipped with a gas stove.

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We invite wildlife lovers to enjoy secluded recreation on Lake Domzheritskoye!

Photo by Denis Ivkovich

Our coordinates: 54.74176638795043, 28.358719743622785

Number of rooms:  1
Human:  6
Bedrooms:  2
Price:  start from 132 BYN
In the room:  6 twin beds / Equipped with necessary furniture / Living room
Info service:  2 BYN
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