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Memo to the visitors of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Dear friends!

 Now you are at the Reserve, the world of wild nature, the nature without people. You are guests here, please be polite and keep some simple rules. All the excursions and observations are permitted only with a guide or a representative of the Reserve’s staff. All their demands should be followed by every visitor.

Please respect flora and fauna of the Reserve. You should realize that staying in wild nature and watching wild animals in their natural habitat can be risky and dangerous both for nature and tourists. If you behave properly and keep to some restrictions, there would be a minimal risk or no risk at all.

Tourists and visitors should strictly keep to the following rules while visiting the Reserve.




Within the Berezinsky reserve it is forbidden:

  • to hunt, to use any kind of weapon without a special license, to kill and catch wild animals, to ruin nests, dens and ant-hills;

  • to fish without a special license given by the Reserve’s administration;

  • to gather mushrooms, wild plants, berries, fruits, flowers, nuts, seeds, medical herbs, skulls, horns and other zoological and botanical collection materials without a special license. Exception: educational and scientific researches which are permitted by the head of the Reserve;

  • to damage grass and soil, to destroy places of wild plants growing;

  • to cut and break woods, trees and bushes without permission even if they seem to be dead. Their trunks and roots are the important link between all the components of the landscape which provide the connection between flora and fauna of the Reserve;

  • to bring any domestic animals to the Reserve;

  • to organize tourist camps and to put up tents without a special license;

  • to drive and park any vehicles outside the roads for general use without a special permission;

  • to leave trash and camp fire places what leads to the pollution of the environment. Any kind of trash should be gathered by visitors themselves      and brought to the special places;

  • to use and bring to the Reserve any chemical elements harmful for environment, to use synthetic washing in natural reservoirs;
  • to do professional film-, video- and picture-making without a special permission;
  • to damage or destroy nature, monuments of nature, history and culture, buildings and structures, small architectural forms, bars, frontier posts, banners, stands and pointers (including self written inscriptions and signs on the equipped places for rest, traps, stones, trees and buildings);
  • to do other kind of activities which damage natural complexes of the Reserve and threat their conditions or make them less valuable for nature, science, culture and recreation.

In case of revealing suspicious strangers, fishing sets and other violations the administration of the Reserve should be immediately informed. The guarding department is in charge of keeping to the rules and controlling the Reserve. Fulfillment of guard inspectors demands is obligatory. Violation of the prescribed rules in the Reserve will entail administrative responsibility according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.