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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Horseback riding in the Berezinsky reserve!

Sometimes everyone wants relax from everyday worries.

Sometimes everyone wants relax from everyday worries.

The real winter is long ago outside the window: hard frost, white lace of millions of snowflakes, tremblingly circling in the wind.

Many people will want o wrap themselves in a warm plaid and hug a cup of cocoa on such a day. But in life there is always a place for diversity.


Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve offers you to immerse in a real winter fairytale on horseback. The incredible beauty of snowbound spaces, pleasant frost, which paint blush on the cheeks, and most importantly - complete privacy in the protected parts of the Belarusian nature.


There are traces of wild animals, powdered by the night snowfall, nice snow crunch under the horse hooves.


We offer you a one-hour, two-hour walk and one day long walking.