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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Happy Tour Guide Day!

We congratulate our colleagues on their professional holiday and introduce our guides

Today, February 21, is World Tour Guide Day! The guide is a very interesting profession as there’s no limit to perfection. You need to constantly learn, develop and improve your skills. This is a professional holiday for employees of the department of tourism, environmental education and informational support of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Congratulations to all the guides, we wish you good health and lots of energy, success and inspiration in your work, new interesting ideas and grateful tourists!

And now let's get acquainted with those specialists who conduct exciting excursions for the guests of the reserve. They are not only professionals in their field, but also people who are in love with chosen profession. Each of the guides is unique in its own way, and each has its own talents.


Elena Albertovna Vashkevich

One of the most experienced specialists of the reserve in the tourism department. The local "old-timer": she has been working in the Berezinsky Reserve for more than 30 years! Elena Albertovna remembers the very beginning, and for many years she has been watching how our institution has developed and changed, how new tourist sites and routes have appeared, how eco-tourism is getting more and more popular. And, of course, she was growing with it, constantly developing her professional skills and repeatedly improving her qualifications.

Having extensive experience in the scientific department, Elena knows a lot about the protected nature, and she feels happy to share this information with tourists. With the help of her pedagogical education, Elena Albertovna knows a special approach to youngsters. Therefore, she is the one who conducts lessons in the Green Class and on the Discovery Trail most often.


Viktor Gennadievich Rovdo

He is the “Bolotnik Unusual”. He has been working in the reserve for almost 15 years, and became the author and first performer of this character. Viktor Gennadievich is a multiple diploma winner of the republican tourist competition “Know Belarus” in the nominations “Best Guide” and “Guide of the Year”. He is a real professional and enthusiast, who sincerely loves his work, who knows how to talk about it in a fascinating and surprisingly emotional way. He is an actor, director, and tour guide all rolled into one.

Any of his excursions is aerobatic flying. Like a real performance, it captures the attention and immerses guests in the wondrous world of reserved nature. Being in the company of this "natural philosopher", tourists seem to fall into a fairy tale, unable to resist his talent, charisma and charm. Reviving the tour, talking to bears or persuading a deer to roar − only a person who is in love with his job is capable of this.


Aleksey Aleksandrovich Bogovets

A man who’s always energetic has been working with us for 12 years. A real "sports tourist": most of his life he has been active in this, and has already conquered more than one peak. He loves his job so much that he does it even in spare time: kayaking with family and friends, going cycling and hiking. In addition, Alexey Alexandrovich has a higher pedagogical education and extensive experience in the tourism industry. During his fascinating, and sometimes even extreme excursions, he can find an approach to both adults and children.


Oleg Vyacheslavovich Shafarovich

He has a very bright personality: both his appearance and his inner world. After getting a professional education in the field of tourism, Oleg decided to work in the reserve, and immediately showed his skills. Not only does he have an original and creative approach to conducting excursions, but also copes with the rest of the tasks, using his many talents, for five years already. Very kind and sympathetic, with a good sense of humor, he will always help and answer all questions and will be able to find an approach to any, even the most demanding tourist.


Anna Alexandrovna Shushkevich

In addition to the fact that Anna is a specialist with an education in tourism, she is also very creative. She is able to share her positive with others − sincerity, goodwill and buoyant mood spreads around and "infects" everyone. Anna has been working in the reserve since December 2018. Now she is on parental leave, but the mother of two sons will return to us very soon, this summer – to delight tourists.


Alexander Vladimirovich Volchek

He is a true enthusiast, for whom his favorite hobby has become a profession. An interesting interlocutor: his educational excursions are never boring, because there’s always a touch of humor and vibrant mood. During unforced, confidential communication, he easily holds the attention of his listener. In addition, Alexander is a winner of republican and regional competitions in water sports. For quite a long part of his life, he was fond of sports tourism, which eventually led him to the reserve.


Maria Yuryevna Stankevich

A specialist who recently started working with us, but who has already revealed herself as an interesting storyteller and a competent professional. This is an open, energetic, artistic, creative and purposeful person. Maria has a higher education in tourism, and before coming to the reserve, she worked as a guide for excursion groups in various tour agencies for many years. Now she herself conducts excursions for those who come to Berezinsky. And in 2022, Maria passed the certification of a guide at the National Tourism Agency.

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Horse instructors

These are special guides, who work with horses − glorious representatives of the animal world. And surprisingly, it was women who chose such a unique profession: Anastasia Alfredovna Voitkevich, Lyudmila Viktorovna Kudryakova, Evgenia Alexandrovna Zinchenko. They love their wards as relatives, communicate with them like they are best friends. In addition to masterful work with animals, instructors accompany tourists on horseback excursions, demonstrating knowledge about nature in general and the reserve in particular. It’s definitely not scary, but very informative and interesting in their company. Walking through the forest on horseback in the company of our instructors will undoubtedly leave a lot of positive and unforgettable impressions.


Quite often, our scientists also work as professional guides in the protected area, conduct unique excursions into nature for specialists and lovers of wild flora and fauna.

We have such talented people working for us! Thanks to them visitors learn what Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is. And on their holiday, they also meet guests visiting a specially protected natural area. If you want to get to know them personally, also come to our excursions. We work daily, seven days a week and without lunch, from 09.00 to 17.00. We’re waiting for you!