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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

In winter life continues…

News of the hunting department of the State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

Life in the snowy forest calms down a little, but does not stop at all.


And sometimes even vice versa: with winter frosts, the activity of some wild animals increases, and you can see something hard to see in summer, and even capture this.


However, the winter time for animals and birds is a very difficult period. The most complicated thing during frosty and snowy winter, especially for ungulates, is to get their own food. In search of food, one has to cross many kilometers through deep snow.


Even long-legged elks find it difficult to move on loose snow. Miniature roe deer find it even harder to do! And after night frosts and daytime thaws, hard crust can injure the legs of the animals.



Of course, wild animals in natural conditions try to feed themselves, but it is difficult to get food from under a large snow layer. And the primary duty of the hunting department is to help the wild inhabitants of the forest during this harsh time of the year.


On the territory of the hunting forestries "Barsuki" and "Berezina" in winter, staff regularly lays out juicy and concentrated forage. And also constant protection and patrolling of the lands is carried out to detect cases of poaching and control the condition of animals.


Modern means of video recording − camera traps − help to preserve the fauna of forests.


Photos and text by Andrei Kuzmin