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State Nature Protection Institution "Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve"

The year 2022 for the natural objects of our reserve

Tourism Department of the Berezinsky Reserve reviewed the past 2022

The past year was rich in events and achievements for the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. New accommodation and tourist facilities have been constructed and, of course, many interesting, fun, and sometimes even mystical and mysterious events have taken place.

The Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is not only a specially protected natural area, but also the center of mythological tourism in Belarus. Here is the unique Museum of Mythology, as well as the only ecological trail in the Republic called "In the Land of Myths". In addition, various events, thematic tours, holiday programs related to culture, traditions and mythology are held throughout the year.

Just like now, exactly a year ago, in the first half of January, New Year's programs were still held, both for organized groups and for individual tourists, as well as Christmas tours with accommodation in hotel complexes. Spring was met with cheerful Maslenitsa festivities, also held for both individual visitors and groups.


In July, the ancient holiday of the Eastern Slavs, Kupalle, was traditionally celebrated on the shore of Lake Plavno. On this magical night, many mystical characters came to life, burned a Kupalle bonfire, wove wreaths, drove tourists on a raft and on horseback, read fortunes. Charming mermaids performed at the festival, delighting the guests with bewitching dances and a vivid fire show. Games, competitions, treats ¬¬− all this provided the guests of the holiday with unforgettable experience.

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The brightest and most memorable event of the year was, of course, "Way of Tsmok"! On August 20-21, 2022, the third festival of Slavic mythology was held, which brought together more than 3 thousand participants this year. The event began with a procession of mythological characters that were introduced to the audience. The city of masters, a concert program, various performances and an exciting quest “Along the footsteps of Tsmok”. The most inquisitive visited thematic exhibitions of paintings. And in the evening, the guests were gathered at the concert where such groups as "Stokes", "Aracea", "Svoi Ryadom", "Garderob", "Graf Czapsky" and others participated. The highlight of the festival was an interactive night tour along the ecological trail "In the Land of Myths".


On August 13-14, 2022, the “Honey Spas” festival was held, together with the “We love honey” tour, which was organized with various games, competitions, honey tasting from local beekeepers, specialized excursions on beekeeping, and guests of honor: in-toed bear, dog-bee and queen bee.

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In autumn, there was also no time for boredom: in the last days of October, one of the most popular thematic tours “Veles Night” takes place. It was believed that at this time the earth fell into sleep, and autumn turned into winter. The tour participants, visited not only the exciting excursions, but also the interactive night tour "In the land of myths" with fortune-telling, treats and gathering around the fire. In the evening, a themed dinner and a fire show with the participation of the Ketri dance group awaited the guests.

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In addition to the above, many other thematic tours were held during the year. So, the exclusive holiday tour "Hearts in Love" pleased everyone who wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day in the Berezinsky Reserve. The guests walked along the ecotrail, where they also sang songs by the fire, had some treats. Then a festive dinner was waiting for them in the restaurant.


Positive emotions also filled the participants of the spring tours "Thaw" and "Awakening", dedicated to the International Women's Day.


Outdoor enthusiasts chose the "Autumn Adventure" tour, where they were able to participate in a master class on tying knots, and the exclusive excursion "Berezinsky Robinsons", learned how not to get lost in the forest, and on the shore of the raised bog they gathered around the fire.


In addition to tours and events, this year was marked by the constuction of new accommodation facilities, repairs and renovations of existing ones, as well as the creation of new facilities. So, one of them was the children's rope park "Lesnye Zabawy", which opened in April this year, and a climbing wall, located next to the adult rope park. Now the adult rope park, as before, is available to visitors with a height of 140 cm, but those who are shorter (but not less than 110 cm) can enjoy the children's rope park.


In the same year, much attention was paid to the Museum of Honey and Beekeeping: it was expanded − one more hall was added, and a large “XXL Beehive” was built on the territory of the museum, where you can feel like a bee during winter time.

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Since summer 2022, in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, you can get a unique service − "Nap on the beehives", however, only in the warm season. Apihouse was installed next to the museum – it’s a special structure, inside of which two benches are arranged directly above the hives (three hives are located under each one). Inside the apihouse, tourists are safe from bee stings, and they still can enjoy all the aromas of bee products that seep through the holes.


In August 2022, a camping site with 10 lots began to operate on the territory of the "Nivki" eco-tourist complex. The car camping is located very conveniently: near the M3 highway, has electric lighting, sewerage, running water. At the same time, a charging station for electric vehicles "WALL COMPLEX" was installed on the territory of the complex. The station is powered by a three-phase five-wire AC network with a voltage of 400V, a frequency of 50Hz. Access to the station via Rfid-card, mobile application.


A new summerhouse, a renovated children's playground, and a tennis court were installed in the "Plavno" tourist complex. Guests will definitely not be bored, they’ll always find something to do. Two new houses are already almost completed there. Now even more tourists will be able to relax in this unique corner of protected nature, next to Lake Plavno.


And for amateurs of fishing, there’s a great place − Lake Bereshcha, which was stocked with pike in the spring of 2022, and also with carp in the fall. By the end of summer, 7 new guest houses were built here, and in September first tourists visited them. The houses are designed for 2-3 people, there is a bedroom, a small kitchen and a terrace.


In addition, the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve participated in and organized various exhibitions, seminars, and events. For example, on November 3, an event dedicated to the International Day of Biosphere Reserves was held here. In July, we participated in the 8th international gathering of young ecologists from Belarus and Russia "Ecology Without Borders". Also, the specialists of the reserve took part in the International Specialized Exhibition-Fair "Hunting and Fishing", the International Spring Fair of Tourism Services "Recreation-2022" in Minsk, and the International Tourism Exhibition "MITT" in Moscow. And this is not the whole list, it’s way too long.


And, of course, this year the Berezinsky Reserve did not remain without awards! On December 9, 2022, the solemn awarding of the winners of the XX Anniversary Republican Tourist Contest "Know Belarus" took place, where prizes were won in three nominations: Diploma in the nomination "Object of Ecological Tourism", the hotel "Serguch" became the Laureate in the nomination "Accommodation of the Year" (sub-nomination “Accommodation facilities of medium and low price category and/or 3* category with up to 100 rooms), and the Museum of Nature received a diploma in the nomination “Museum of the Year” (sub-nomination “Republican/regional (including Minsk city) museums”).


Summing up the results of the year, we can say with confidence that the reserve never stands still: everything is developing here, and 2022 confirms that. Many ideas and plans came to life and were successfully implemented. Ahead is 2023, for which a lot of interesting events are already planned, and what exactly, you’ll soon find out!